Tattoo Aftercare sheet

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T2 PADDY  adhesive dressing provides superior tattoo aftercare.

Keeps out dirt and germs . waterproof . flexible . hypo-allergenic . breathable
* Keeps out water, dirt, and germs yet lets skin breathe.
* Speeds up healing and reduces scabbing.
* Light and flexible for ultimate comfort.
* Latex free and hypoallergenic.
* Cut to fit any size tattoo.
* Material from Germany.

Size: 15cm(width) X 1m(Length)

1,  Make sure the skin around the tattoo is clean and dry. Ointments, sweat, and oils will interfere with T2 PADDY Repairing Film adhesion. If using a glycerin soap (such as green soap) be sure to rinse thoroughly as any residue will react with the adhesives and cause increased binding and possible irritation.
2,  Cut film to necessary length;  Film size must big than tattoo size. When using Repairing Film on highly mobile areas (elbow, shoulder, ankle, etc.)
3,  For best results, begin from the center moving out to the edges. Remove plastic backing, leaving only T2 PADDY Repairing Film on the skin.
4,  Single-use only.
5, Do not use this on people who have allergies to adhesives.
6,  If Your Skin injury When tattoo finish ,We suggest that do not use.

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