T2 Repairing Film Roll

Rs: 2,525.00

T2 Repairing Film Roll


 T2 Repairing Film Roll


  •  It will provide Superior Tattoo Aftercare for you.
  • Keeps out water, dry and germs yet let’s skin breathe.
  • Speeds up healing and reduces scrabbling.
  • Light and Flexible for ultimate comfort.
  • Size : 15 CM (Wide) * 500 CM (Length) Roll could cut to fit any size tattoo.
  • make sure the skin around the tattoo is clean and dry.
  • Oinements, Sweat and oils will interfere with T2 PADDY Repairing film adhesion.If using a Glycerine soap (Such as green soap) be sure to rinse thoroughly as any residue will react with the adhesives and cause increased blinding and possible irritation.
  • Cut film to necessary length, film size must big that tattoo size
  • When using repairing film on highly mobile areas (eyebrow,shoulder,ankle, etc)
  • For best results being from the centre moving out to the edges.
  • Remove plastic backing, leaving only T2 PADDY repairing for on the skin.
  • Single use only.


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