(FT) – Disposable Tattoo Tips

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Assorted Tattoo Needle Tips/ Plastic Disposable Tattoo Tips/ Nozzles

Professional Sterilized Smoke Clear Tattoo Sterile Plastic Tips Nozzle Supply 50Pcs one box.

Professional Tattoo Disposable Plastic Tips for Needles,sterilized in box.

Quantity: 1boxes (50pcs) .

Fully disposable, sterile and best to be used with our professional plastic grips or stainless steel grips

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Tattoo Tips

5FT – 5Pcs, 5FT – 50Pcs (Box), 7FT – 5Pcs, 7FT – 50Pcs (Box), 9FT – 5Pcs, 9FT – 50Pcs (Box), 11FT – 5Pcs, 11FT – 50Pcs (Box), 13FT – 5Pcs, 13FT – 50Pcs (Box), 15FT – 5Pcs, 15FT – 50Pcs (Box), 17FT – 5Pcs, 17FT – 50Pcs (Box)


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