3 AMP Digital Tattoo Power Supply

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Performance Parameters

Input Voltage : AC100-240V~50/60Hz

Output Power : 24W

Working Current : 0-3A

Voltage Load Protection : 99%

Current Load Protection : 99%

Ambient Temperature : -10`C ~ 40`C 

Relative Humidity : 5%-95%

Net Weight : 190g

Size : 100*60*105mm

Instructions :

  1. Switch on/off the power : Connect to the AC power, turn on the switch, press the knob to start/stop the output.
  2. Output voltage adjustment : The knob clockwise to increase the set voltage, counter clockwise rotation is to reduce the set voltage. The rotation adjustment voltage accuracy is 0.1v.
  3. Foot pedal mode :   * Connect the foot  pedal to control the power for touch mode & cruise mode.                                                * Press the knob lightly to control the power without foot pedal.



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